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medicaidBemis offers a line of Medic-Aid® toilet seats that can be used in long-term care facilities, hospitals, clinics and private homes.

Medic-Aid toilet seats are made of heavy-duty solid plastic and 300 Series stainless steel hardware, STA-TITE® Commercial Fastening System™ and contain DuraGuard®* an antimicrobial agent that with regular cleaning protects the toilet seat from micro-organisms.

STA-TITE is a breakthrough in toilet seat installation that improves mounting hardware from top to bottom and inside out. It’s a simpler, more secure system that cuts installation time by 1/3 and prevents toilet seat loosening. For more information on STA-TITE visit: www.Sta‑

For more information on Medic-Aid, download our brochure.

*Note: DuraGuard is not a substitute for regular cleaning; clean toilet seats thoroughly with mild soap and water. DuraGuard does not protect users against bacteria, viruses or other disease-causing organisms.