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About two years ago our surgical center began the search for a simple, cost effective and safe way to dispose of our suction waste. Originally we had been using a disposal company pick–up service which was annually costing us about $8,000. In between pickups we had liquid waste collecting for a couple days with an offensive odor present. We then began using solidifying chemicals, which reduced some of the costs but still required careful handling by our staff and concern for chemical exposure. We were also producing large amounts of heavy waste to be picked up and this was not an environmentally satisfactory solution. We tried pouring the waste down the toilet but that was very offensive, even with the personal protective gear, and it also presented logistical problems.

Then I found the Bemis Quick – Drain system. After investigating other rather expensive systems we decided to install the Bemis system. It took one day to install and our Bemis rep was on site to make sure all went well. This was in October of 2004 and as of today, I have 100% staff satisfaction and not one moment of problems. It has paid for itself. I would and have recommended this to other centers.

Nurse Manager
Mission Internal Medical Group
Endoscopy Surgery Center
Mission Viejo, CA

Our facility is using the Bemis Quick–Drain System with excellent results. This is an inexpensive way to handle Bio medical waste and reduce costs. We have our Bemis system in the decontamination area and when cases are turned over the canisters are taken to decontam where the canisters are drained and the used canister put into the regular waste system. Savings are running about $1.25 per can versus the old method of solidification and biohazard waste disposal. For a surgery center this saves easily $10,000 per year.

At my previous hospital, I did a proforma showing that Quick–Drain would generate around $30,000 of savings for the OR and around $50,000 if the entire hospital were using the system.

Madison Surgery Center
Madison, AL

We saw an article advertising the Bemis Quick–Drain in one of the purchasing magazines, which caught our eye. Our hospital had been pouring and nurses would have to pull off the tops of canisters and dump liquid down a hopper. There was always the chance of splash. We were most interested in the fact the nurses would no longer have to empty these canisters - which is what we found to be true.

Operating the Quick–Drain is very simple. You put the canister on the machine, turn a handle and the liquid is flushed down the drain. You can then flush the canister with water if it is needed and there are no remains of fluid. Nursing was VERY pleased with this outcome.

The Quick–Drain is very easy for our personnel to use. We deliver our canisters to Decontamination, and whoever is working (in our case all female employees) can easily use the equipment. Strength is not an issue with using Quick–Drain.

Maintenance of equipment is minimal. We put an enzymatic cleaner in at the end of a shift and we have no problems with maintenance or odor.

The feature we liked from a Materials Management standpoint is we have reduced our red bag trash costs considerably because once the canister is flushed we put it into regular trash. We have literally saved thousands of dollars because of this. We also had a cost savings on the canisters from what we were using. We are extremely satisfied with our decision to go with Quick–Drain because it has been a financial savings to our hospital as well as being a great safety factor for our nursing personnel. A wonderful, yet simple piece of equipment to enhance our working environment.

Buyer Manager
Sterile Processing
Firelands Hospital
Sandusky, OH

We have been using the Quick–Drain System for about a year and a half and are very pleased it. We wanted a way to eliminate exposure to solidifier chemicals and with Quick–Drain, the staff feels much safer. It is very simple to use and takes a minimal amount of time to drain the contents from the canister. There are no extra devices to add to drain a standard canister — just put the canister in the holder, snap on the top and flip the handle — and you're done. In addition to improved staff safety, we are saving money. We have saved an estimated $20,000 per year by being able to limit the waste disposal volume and eliminate the use of a solidifier.

We are a test site for the large volume adapter version and it is working great for emptying our large volume canisters.

Surgical Services
Aurora Medical Center Manitowoc County
Manitowoc, WI

Several years ago our hospital was looking for a solution to our waste disposal issues. In our 46 ORs, we perform 120-130 cases daily, which generates a lot of waste. Before we switched to Quick-Drain we were putting our full canisters into red bags, which were boxed and picked up by a medical waste hauler. Not only were there constant leakage issues, but this method was getting really expensive.

Our evaluation committee looked at all the competitive systems. We decided on Quick-Drain because it appeared to be the easiest to use, the most efficient from an operational point-of view, and the most cost effective, so the decision was easy.

We were able to save $900,000 a year in disposal costs. Our red bag waste was significantly reduced because the rinse feature allows us to put 99% of the canisters into white bag waste. Infection Control was happy because of no more leaky bags and boxes, and the staff likes it and finds it very easy to use. And, we were able to automate the daily maintenance requirements by installing an automatic enzymatic solution dispenser on each unit, which flushes the system regularly.

What impressed us the most was the conversion. It went very smooth given the size and magnitude of the process. Bemis provided all the hardware and support and worked round the clock to in-service the entire staff.

We couldn't be happier with the Quick–Drain and would recommend it to anyone.

Director of SPD
The Mount Sinai Hospital
New York, NY