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about usControl Today. Protect Tomorrow. Since 1971, Bemis Health Care has provided high quality medical products to address the needs of the health care industry. Today, Bemis Health Care offers a complete line of medical device products to help health care staff and other medical waste handlers to safely and efficiently dispose of medical waste. We use the most advanced technology to not only manufacture Bemis products, but the products that our OEM customers have entrusted us to manufacture for them as well.

Protecting the health of medical facility employees and patients, medical waste handlers, communities and the environment is a top priority. This commitment extends not just to the products we bring to market, but to our medical device OEM customers and manufacturing processes as well. We work to control our carbon footprint through environmentally responsible operational practices and through the use of recycled and recyclable materials. For more information on our environmental effort, visit the environmental stewardship page.

Bemis Health Care is a division of Bemis Mfg. Co., the world's largest manufacturer of toilet seats, serving residential, commercial and OEM industries. Bemis Plastics, another division of Bemis Mfg. Co., provides plastic components and custom product solutions to a wide variety of industries. Founded in 1901, Bemis continues to be privately owned and operated. Headquartered in Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, Bemis has worldwide distribution in North, Central and South Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.