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Hydrophobic Rigid Canisters

Bemis Hydrophobic canisters use a unique dual filter system that provides protection against aerosol contamination, fluid overflow, and premature shutoff. Available in three sizes.

Features & Benefits

  • Self-sealing lid provides leak-free seal

  • Integrated Hydrophobic filter provides HEPA and bacterial filtration

  • Dual filter system prevents overflow and premature shutoff

  • Large, easy to read graduations

  • Lids contain multiple ports for versatility

  • Frosted panel provides writing area when needed

  • Nestable for storage

  • Disposable, single use

  • Latex, BPA, and DEHP free

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Hydrophobic Filter System

Hydrophobic filter has a HEPA filtration efficiency of >99.99%** and bacterial filtration efficiency of >99.9999%**

Breathing screen separates filter stages for improved suction while reducing premature shutoff. 

Pre-filter protects hydrophobic filter from erroneous shutoff due to laser or electrocautery smoke. 

Protective housing protects filter from splash or foam.


Attached port caps eliminate cap loss and allow quick and secure capping.

Large pour spout for easy emptying and for attachment of Specimen Adaptor when necessary.

Tandem port for multiple canister connections.

Elbows allow quick hookup and prevent kinked tubing.


Pour spout allows emptying without lid removal.
NOTE: The Specimen Adaptor accessory (533810, 533510) will not fit on an 800cc lid.

Vacuum port allows direct connection to regulator using unique bracket.

Domed lid provides extra strength.

Horizontal patient port allows direct connection of tubing.

800cc attached directly to regulator using 534410 regulator bracket.

** Data on file