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Contour Liposuction Canisters

Contour is designed for high vacuum liposuction procedures and manufactured with lipid-resistant materials. Available in two sizes.

Features & Benefits

  • The Contour canister is designed for high vacuum liposuction procedures and made with lipid resistant materials

  • Excellent clarity for enhanced visualization of contents

  • Lids contain multiple ports for versatility and tandem set up

  • Integrated Aerostat® filter with >99.99% bacterial efficiency**

  • Hi-Flow shut off valve closes automatically to prevent overflow and vacuum line contamination

  • Nestable for storage convenience

  • Non-sterile, disposable, single use

  • May be used in conjunction with Bemis Quick-Drain™

  • Vacuum level rating of 29" Hg/736mm Hg

  • Latex, BPA, and DEHP free

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Contour Filter System

Aerostat® filter has a >99.99% bacterial efficiency of aerosolized particulate matter.**

Filter retainer.

Positive shutoff valve closes immediately when fluid reaches the top. Soft gasket seals tight to prevent overflow.

Rigid float support keeps float valve securely in place; prevents premature shutoff.

Contour Lid

Elbows allow quick hookup (2 elbows included per can).

Stepped patient port allows direct patient tubing connection without elbow if desired

Attached port caps eliminate cap loss and allow quick and secure capping.

Tandem port for multiple canister connections.

** Data on file